How it all began

So how was my little business created.. there is a story and I’d like to share.. I believe that if I can touch someone, reach your heart and help you believe in yourself, take a chance on your passion then something beautiful has happened..we have connected on a spiritual, emotional and loving level..

I had worked most of my life in a standard job as society expects, then my father got sick and my life was turned upside down, I dedicated the next year with my family to caring for him and trying to salvage the family business.

Unfortunately, my father lost his battle with a brain tumour although I had tried so hard to find alternative medicine, and natural treatments to save him, it was too late.

Instead of surrendering and getting on with my life, I decided I wasn’t going to let him go just yet. We had two businesses one was manufacturing In the Blacksmith industry, my father was a very successful well-known artisan and the other a sister business which imported architectural hardware and materials. I had no clue what this was all about but I was determined to continue part of his legacy, we closed down the manufacturing side as without the artist (my father) it couldn’t operate, but I decided to keep the other business. I had to move premises to a much smaller factory, in this process I lost over 10 kilos but most importantly I didn’t allow myself to grieve, I continued this business for 4 years from driving a forklift to lifting 6 metre length solid steel to meeting with architects and builders and spending many nights crying to him (my dad) asking for guidance. Finally one day I decided enough.. I was holding onto his dream, not mine and it was time to find out what Danielle wanted.

But even this process wasn’t easy, I sold the business in good faith and again I found myself getting ripped off and had to file for bankruptcy.

I ended up in depression and for months just lost my way, I felt life had taken so much away and I couldn’t understand why? But from a dark place I started collecting pieces and creating, it was my escape it was my way of finding a distraction from the voices in my head that screamed failure!! I felt broken and scared to face the world.

Luckily for me, I have an incredible support system of family and friends and a friend proposed to share a space and convinced me that with all my pieces I should do a market stall to sell them, and that was the beginning.

Slowly I started creating more and expanding my knowledge of crystals, travelling to other markets and events and meeting people that touched my heart. Today I am still learning, still evolving and still creating. I still have days when those voices in my head beat me down and make me doubt my self-worth. I have many things in life that I feel I have failed but I am learning every day that life gives us challenges and often not what we wish or want but what we need to heal in this journey called life.

One thing I know if life knocks you down and you think you have lost your way, listen and wait because it will always show you a sign, and if you have a passion a dream don’t get stuck in that 9-5 job, because you’re never too old to start something new.

Magic to All Dani

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