About Me

I started my business in 2013. I learnt jewellery making & beading whilst living abroad in Italy by a wonderful human who taught me the energy of gemstones, I love crystals, the messages they bring & energy in them that Mother Nature has gifted us with & this is part of my inspiration. I have a gypsy soul and recently discovered it’s part of my Hungarian heritage. I’ve always been fascinated with gypsy inspired jewellery, clothing, colour and their flamboyant style so this is how the bohemian range was inspired. My father was a black smith by trade and as a child I was in awe at the incredible artwork and pieces he created from a piece of metal, this led my desire to become an artisan. All my pieces are created from something that inspires me, depending on the stones & what I feel at the time is right.. As an artist I allow my imagination and creativity to flow and I prefer the design is from my heart not my head. I love what I do & that I get to share this passion with my customers.. I believe that people should connect with a piece and understand why? When it resonates with them and we connect on a emotional level it reminds me why I  do what I do. My wish is to only keep creating pieces for amazing people that I meet through my journey.